the lazyman's package manager
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- sysget

A frontend for every package manager (alternatively, a lazyman's package manager)

This program is a bridge that lets you use one syntax to every package manager on every unix-like operating system.
You probably know the problem when you are on a new distro (or operating system for that matter) and don't know anything about the package manager.
With this you just need to remember only one syntax for basically every package manager.
The syntax is similar to Debian's apt(8) package manager so it should be easy to use.

- Supported package managers
(a lot)

- Features
Depends on the package manager used, and some of the features may not be available.

* search for packages (sysget search)
* install packages (sysget install)
* remove packages (sysget remove)
* clear the cache (sysget clean)
* update database (sysget update)
* upgrade system (sysget upgrade)
* upgrade single package (sysget upgrade <package>)

- Environment variables

* Changes the path of the config file
* Changes the path of the file for a custom package manager
* Changes the path of the custom arguments file

- Configuration files

* sysget's main settings: /etc/sysget/sysget
* sysget's custom package manager's settings: /etc/sysget/custom
* sysget's custom argument settings: /etc/sysget/args (needs 10 items in order and no duplicate items)

- Languages:

This program supports the following locales, feel free to contribute new translations.

* English
* German
* Romanian
* Spanish

- Credits

* TermGet

- Authors
* Emil Engler (original author)
* Aoi Koizumi (maintainer)

- Contributing
* mailto:~novaburst-dev/ with subject [sysget]

- License
* GNU General Public License v3.0